SP3: Warfare and Confrontation

Program: Strategic Prayer Tactics III:

Course: Warfare and Confrontation

Text Book:

Strategic Prayer Tactics III: Effective Deliverance Prayer Tactics in Warfare and Confrontations

Approach to Effective Communication in Prayer

Author and Instructor: Dr. Pauline Walley-Daniels


Syllabus and Requirements


Academic Information

Assignment and Projects


Section One: Warfare and Confrontations

Section Two: The Purpose of Warfare Prayer

Section Three: The War of Eviction

Section Four:  Specific Prayer

Section Five: Standing on Scriptures

Section Six: Speaking with Knowledge and Authority

Section Seven: War of Words

Section Eight: Difficulties and Interferences

Section Nine: Legal Grounds

Section Ten: Names

Section Eleven: Residence and Address

Section Twelve: Date and Place of Birth

Section Thirteen: Spiritual Birth

Section Fourteen: Religious Affiliation

Section Fifteen: Marital Status

Section Sixteen: Children and Siblings

Section Seventeen: Country of Origin

Section Eighteen:  Religious Belief and Idolatry

Section Nineteen: Family Background

Section Twenty: Character Inheritance

Section Twenty-one: Emotional Inheritance

Section Twenty-three: Burdens and Concerns

Section Twenty-four: The Deliverance War

Section Twenty-five: Prisoners of War

Section Twenty-six: Deliverance Prayer

Section Twenty-seven:  Prayer of Confrontation

Section Twenty-eight: Warring with Worship

Section Twenty-nine:  Confronting with Scripture

Section Thirty: On the Battlefield

Section Thirty-one: The Joshua Strategy

Section Thirty-two: Jehovah’s Strategy

Section Thirty-three: Divine Deliverance

Section Thirty-four: The Victory

Section Thirty-five: Praying with John I

Section Thirty-six:  Praying with Psalm 91